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Welcome to the Peachtree Arts Academy

Welcome to Peachtree Arts Academy! In August 2006 Peachtree Arts Academy
was founded as a Christian-based arts organization dedicated to teaching and
promoting the arts in Atlanta’s southern crescent. PAA identifies arts programs and
instructors that are like-minded in their view of the arts, are well qualified, and have
a passion for instilling a love of the arts into their students.

Our recommendations include a number of private music instructors, Fayette
Fiddlers which is a Suzuki-based violin program, and Fortissimo which is a junior
level string orchestra. In addition, you will find information regarding Christian
colleges with arts programs and other arts programs around the world that promote
the arts from a biblical perspective.

We trust this information is helpful as you look for the best artistic instruction for
yourself or your children. If you need additional information or are interested in one
of our partner studios or programs, please contact us. We look forward to serving

Sharon Salzmann

News Flash

New Student Sign Up
Fortissimo, a junior string orchestra,
was founded the fall of 2013. New
students are accepted each January
and August.  Learn more

Thoughts on the Arts
The role of the arts in communicating
truth has been much debated over the
years in Christian circles. Colin
Harbinson in his article  “Art and
Revelation” provides an insightful look at
this issue; “Art is at its best when it
uncovers what familiarity has concealed,
and opens us up to a fresh perspective
on truth-the truth about any subject. 
This would strongly suggest that artistic
expression, at its best, is compatible
with God’s way of revealing truth to
man.” Read article