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Arts Organizations

The following faith-based arts organizations are all about impacting individuals as
well as our culture as a whole. Most are involved with encouraging artists who are
struggling to communicate truth and life through their art medium. It is encouraging
to see the growing movement of faith-based art forms enhancing worship and
transforming culture - one person at a time.

Arts and Entertainment Ministries
( is an excellent global
resource for artists, churches, and educators. They provide many resources
including excellent articles and books related to art, faith, and culture including
books in the areas of Art History, Culture and Worldview, General Arts and
Christianity, and Screenwriting.

StoneWorks Initiative
( is a global partnership
committed to educating the church, mentoring the artist, and transforming culture.

International Council of Ethnodoxologists
( facilitates
online networking and provides resources for the development of culturally
appropriate Christian worship, utilizing insights from ethnomusicology, missiology,
worship studies and the arts. Books on the topic can be found at

International Arts Movement
( is a community of artists and
creative catalysts wrestling with how to fully integrate art, faith, and humanity. This
organization also seeks to encourage artists with their particular challenges.
Thought provoking lectures are available on the website.

Operation Mobilization
( Under the “opportunities” tab you will find
opportunities in the arts. Many are short-term mission trips that employ the arts in
evangelism. Their headquarters is in Tyrone, GA.

Christians In The Visual Arts (CIVA)
  (  is an organization that
seeks to explore and nurture the relationship between the visual arts and the
Christian faith.  They partner with Wheaton College, Gordon College and other
colleges to support the arts. CIVA's broad range of conferences, exhibits,
programs, and publications exists to help the art and faith movement flourish both in
the Church and in culture.

News Flash

New Student Sign Up
Fortissimo, a junior string orchestra,
was founded the fall of 2013. New
students are accepted each January
and August.  Learn more

Thoughts on the Arts
The role of the arts in communicating
truth has been much debated over the
years in Christian circles. Colin
Harbinson in his article  “Art and
Revelation” provides an insightful look at
this issue; “Art is at its best when it
uncovers what familiarity has concealed,
and opens us up to a fresh perspective
on truth-the truth about any subject. 
This would strongly suggest that artistic
expression, at its best, is compatible
with God’s way of revealing truth to
man.” Read article