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Christian Colleges & Universities with Arts Programs
This is not intended to be an exhaustive listing.

Point University
(Formerly Atlanta Christian College), West Point, GA (main
They offer a Bachelor of Arts in Music as well as a Bachelor of Science in Music.

Belhaven College, Jackson, MS
They are accredited in the Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Theater and offer a
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Biola University, LaMirada, CA
Biola offers majors in Design, Interdisciplinary, Painting, Photography, and
Sculpture. In their Music Department, they offer Music Composition, Education, and
Performance. They also offer a degree in Music Worship.

Gordon College, Wenham, MA
Gordon offers concentrations in design, drawing/printmaking, painting, sculpture, art
education, and art minor.

New York Center for Art & Media Studies, NYC (Satellite of Bethel
This center offers a semester of intense exposure to the arts in NYC for student
artists. Students receive 16 hours of credit and an internship.

Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
Wheaton offers a Bachelors of Art degree as well as many bachelor degrees in

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Thoughts on the Arts
The role of the arts in communicating
truth has been much debated over the
years in Christian circles. Colin
Harbinson in his article  “Art and
Revelation” provides an insightful look at
this issue; “Art is at its best when it
uncovers what familiarity has concealed,
and opens us up to a fresh perspective
on truth-the truth about any subject. 
This would strongly suggest that artistic
expression, at its best, is compatible
with God’s way of revealing truth to
man.” Read article