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Fortissimo  is a Junior Level String Orchestra
In 2013 Fortissimo was founded by David Shannon in response to a need for
moderately advanced string musicians to develop their music reading skills and
gain experience playing in an orchestral context.
Some of the goals for this orchestra are to:
• Develop skills for music reading in an orchestra context
• Learn professional orchestral etiquette
• Become comfortable playing in a group context
• Develop poise and confidence playing in public
• Develop friendships with others interested in music
• Develop the tools they'll need to play in a more advanced orchestra
begin to realize the joy of making music and the satisfaction of achieving hard-
earned goals

We invite any medium level students of any age who are serious about developing
their skills as a musician to join this orchestra. Enrollment is open in August and
early January each year. Contact us here at
additional information and to enroll.

Details: Meets Monday 6-7 pm at Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church, Fellowship
Hall.  Must bring own music stand, pencil, and instrument.

Click here for BIOs of the director and assistants.

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New Student Sign Up
Fortissimo, a junior string orchestra,
was founded the fall of 2013. New
students are accepted each January
and August.  Learn more

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